Monday, May 25, 2009

Laguna Hills Memorial Day Half-Marathon

Even though I was training for the L.A. marathon, various factors threw me off my schedule, combined with the expected late May heat I decided it's probably not the best first marathon for me to run (despite my intention of wanting to run my first 26+ miles while I'm still 26.) Oh well, here's to this year's Long Beach Marathon or early next year's Pasadena Marathon, I suppose. Hope LA 2010 will be scheduled earlier.

But I didn't let this beautiful day go to waste, and I signed myself up for the Laguna Hills 1/2 marathon (second time I've done this one.) Since it's so close to the coast and I don't have to worry about mid-morning heat since I'll be done by then, I wasn't as concerned with being dehydrated or overheated.

I didn't set a new PR (came just a minute or two over two hours, compared to my 1:51 last year) but I'm satisfied with the results, especially considering my training setbacks. Even happier that this year around I didn't get any cramps and soreness following the race.

And I think this particular event will be an annual one for me, I absolutely love the trail (great scenery of Laguna Woods and the parks of Laguna Niguel, Laguna Hills and Aliso Viejo), the aid stations are appropriately spaced at about 1.5 miles each, the finish-line festival is one of the better ones out there (good vendors, nice freebies, NOT overpacked with peeps) and I love the technical shirt since it's something I'd actually wear working out, or even casually (it only has a small chest logo of the marathon, so I don't feel like a walking advertisement.)

Next time I may even partake in the beer garden celebration at BJs ($10 for two beers and passed appetizers... not a bad deal.)


Billy Burger said...

Hmm...will have to look into this half one of these days. You did miss a great party at the LA Marathon though!

Nanciful said...

Nice! I've done a handful of 5K's and one 10K. I would like to do the Disneyland Half Marathon but it's end of August...oy.

H. C. said...

@Billy, haha - well, hopefully I can make it next year.

@Nanciful, the Disneyland 1/2 is actually not one of my preferred races. It's wildly popular for obvious reasons so packed with folks -- the turns are also kind of sharp as you race in and around the park. And of course, it's considerably inland so could be hot. One I actually favor more in mid-August is America's Finest City Half Marathon at San Diego in mid-August. Great scenery and right next to the ocean so temperature's more moderate.

Anonymous said...

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