Saturday, April 25, 2009

Activia Experience While Running

Ugh, had a planned 10/11 mile hilly run cut short to a 7-mile due to getting an Activia experience 5 miles in. For your reference, courtesy of NBC's SNL:

First off, I didn't pull the full "Jamie Lee!" (possibly the look.) Fortunately, I made it home without incident and thankful I don't run far away enough to worry about where I have to take care of business. But now I'm just wondering what could've set me off, so to speak.

The top (or should I say bottom?) suspects are:

1) drinking coffee about half-hour before my run, which might have woken up my GI tract as well
2) having warmed milk in middle of night after unexpectedly waking up (and I'm just a tad lactose sensitive)
3) a meat and alcohol laden dinner from two days ago, VERY out of the norm for my body and probably tough to process

More likely, it's probably the combo of the three strikes that got me out. I guess lesson learned to keep a closer eye on what I eat.

And apologies for all the bad puns and possible TMI - believe me, it's way crappier experiencing it first-person.


sara said...

ugh, that sucks, but good think you were close to home ... i had to run from restroom to restroom on one terrible long run, and then finally ducked into a port-a-potty on a construction site when i was less than a mile from my apartment!

(thankfully it was very early in the morning and there were no construction workers there AND it extremely clean.)

Diana said...

My runner friend and I were JUST talking about this over the weekend. It really is unbearable to have to go on a run. I think we've all been through the experience at some point -- really awful.

If you need a little caffeine before your run, I've found tea doesn't upset my stomach like coffee. And bananas are a great pre-run snack. I eat one approximately an hour before a hard workout and haven't had any problems.

Billy Burger said...'s EVERY runner's worse nightmare. I can definitely relate. The usual suspects for me are either too much alcohol the night before, or coffee preceding my run.

H. C. said...

@Sara, I've had to porta-potty on occasion too (usually after a race); thankfully I've had the good fortune of being in generally clean ones too.

@Diana, Thanks for the tip on tea and banana!

@Billy, Glad it's not just me! Other fitness blogs/forums I check into also report this problem...