Friday, April 10, 2009

Foodie Fit Friday Tip: Trim That Fat

My coffee nut brownies are one of the few exemptions from my "trim that fat" rule

Weekends are usually more challenging in managing what you eat; less structure, more celebrations, etc. -- so here's a Foodie Fit Friday Tip to help with healthful eating for the next two days.

Try cutting down on the fat / oil / butter the next time you cook from a recipe, whether new or tried-and-true. With the major exception of baked goods (where exact measurements are crucial), most recipes are forgiving and you can get away trimming the butter and oil without compromising on flavor. When I cook at home, I'm usually able to reduce the fats by 33-50%. Of course, depending on the dish, you may have to make some other adjustments, such as reducing cooking time to avoid drying out a dish or substituting other liquids. And if you're wary, try cutting a little bit at a time (maybe 20%, then 25%, and so on . . .) Even a little calorie saving now can go a long way down the road.