Monday, April 6, 2009

Welcome to Foodie Fitness!

Wholesome, healthful and delicious madras temeph wrap at M Cafe de Chaya

Whether you came here from my other blog, or stumbled here all your own - as my blog title implies, I'm a foodie (and quite a drinkie too, now I think about it) who's avid about fitness. In some ways I think my food/drink obsession makes me even more committed to staying in shape - since my appreciation of all things edible and potable makes me just that much more vulnerable to gaining pesky pounds and blubbery bulges, not to mention the myriad of health issues being overweight/obese brings along.

And I definitely do want to demonstrate that one doesn't have to bend over backwards to get and stay fit; I'm my own living testament, having dropped 35-40 pounds / 8-10% body fat / 6 waist inches / 2-3 clothing sizes and maintaining that loss over the last two years. (To my surprise, I even shrank a shoe size!)

And there's no crazy diet, special pills or extreme exercise here. For most part, it's about moderation and balance. So whether you're trying to lose a little or a good deal more, I hope you get encouraged and inspired by my experiences, thoughts and views. (Of course, talk to your doc before engaging in any significant lifestyle changes to make sure your body isn't medically out-of-whack first.)

I am still trying to figure out what direction I want to take this blog, but expect insights and opinions on eating and exercise habits, how to balance my indulgences and having the mindset to get and stay healthy, along with a healthy dose of links with useful and practical information. Maybe I'll even sneak in a favorite effective workout move or a tasty and healthy recipe too.

Hope you'll enjoy reading my "fitventures" and join my lifelong journey to health and wellness!